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What is Navera?

Navera is a cloud-based app that brings personalization, analytics, and mobile technologies together to deliver employee communications that support and delight your employees - wherever they are - with the info and expertise they need.


The Ease of a Consumer App

Deliver the immediacy and convenience of self-service with anytime, anywhere access to employee- and company-specific info from multiple content sources.

Highly Personalized Communciations

Respond quickly, accurately, and in context to employee requests with personalized content, helping them to understand, decide, and take action.

"Voice of the Employee" Analytics

Capture communication trends and actionable data to respond to employee expectations, preferences, and concerns.


Employee Communications App

Mobile and web-based apps deliver the knowledge and performance of your HR professionals and their partners to satisfy employee needs for immediate responses, guidance, and feedback.

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Content Management Services

Navera's client services team provides a suite of content management services to deliver the right information to your employees, keeping them up-to-date, fully informed, and highly engaged.

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Unleash the power and innovation of employee communications management.

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See Why customers love Navera


"Navera provides a way for employees to go through our benefit plan information at a time that is convenient for them. The self-paced nature of the product makes learning about our benefits easy. This saves our team time…has alleviated many of the basic benefit questions we get asked by new hires."

Jenny Pearce, Manager, Compensation & Benefits
Appirio, Inc.


"Navera has proven to be a valuable educational tool that helps our colleagues feel confident in selecting their options, and we have seen a significant decrease in the amount of time our HR staff spends answering benefit questions."

Leslie Evans, VP Human Resources
Convergint Technologies


"Navera’s content and approach provide employees with an engaging, informative, and relevant experience that increases participation, enables them to confidently make important choices for themselves and their families, and increases their overall satisfaction with the benefits selection process."

Andreas Pyper, Wellness & Benefits Manager
County of Santa Barbara